Diversity at 2150

  1. We look beyond our existing networks and will post open roles publicly
  2. We acknowledge our own unconscious biases and create an interview process where candidates can be fairly compared
  3. We partner with organisations such as Diversity VC and Future VC to source diverse candidates for our internship programmes and full time roles
  4. We hire by committee to allow for multiple viewpoints and perspectives
  1. We proactively source diverse deal flow by tracking diversity metrics in our CRM tools targeting a minimum of 50% of all deals having diverse senior management teams
  2. We support diverse founders at early stages to provide feedback and guidance
  3. We include D&I metrics within our due diligence questions
  4. We have an ‘Inclusion Clause” in our standard term sheet so underrepresented candidates have an equal opportunity for an open executive position in a portfolio company
  5. We encourage portfolio companies to identify one D&I objective to address at every board meeting



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2150 - Constructive Capital

2150 - Constructive Capital


We provide Constructive Capital to technology entrepreneurs that seek to make our urban environment more efficient and sustainable