Electricity consumption of residential and commercial buildings in the US
Energy-related CO2 emissions from space cooling by source and country/region, 2016. Source: (IEA, 2018
  • Improve the (mandated) energy efficiency of future-installed cooling units while accelerating the replacement rate of existing stock.
  • Find ways to balance the energy load feeding this growing stock either by accelerating the transition to cleaner energy or load balancing their charge.
  • Quickly switch to refrigerants with lower GWP
Residential vs Commercial installed stock (2016) and output capacity
Dealroom and 2150 State of Urban Tech report 2021. The 2018 spike is Softbank’s $1.1bn investment into View which helps with thermodynamics but is not a cooling system per-se.



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2150 - Constructive Capital

2150 - Constructive Capital

We provide Constructive Capital to technology entrepreneurs that seek to make our urban environment more efficient and sustainable